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Foreign Travel Tips For Dialysis Patients

Keeping your inner health better is a first thing to do. Travelling is one of the ways you can boost up your well-being to a greater extent. It can completely alter your lifestyle and recovery. A patient with kidney related disorder can also travel but with a consent of their doctor. Many dialysis patients are working men/women who need to attend business meetings. Some oldies had a dream of travelling in their 70s or 80s after retirement. A wedding or a family event, anyone’s death in the family also requires travelling. They can also travel to domestic cities or abroad contacting to the best dialysis center in Karachi. You must visit your dialysis center first if you want to travel while you’re having kidney related issues. You can visit our website for the best travel tips for kidney dialysis in Karachi. Some of the tips to patients travelling to domestic cities or abroad are mentioned below:

  • First you need to plan your trip to the destination which is not possible without the involvement of your dialysis center. Every dialysis center has attendants who are having expertise in arranging trips for dialysis patients. You need to consult the expert at your dialysis center. Hospitals have the facility of transient dialysis (dialysis away from home) which needs to be owned by you.
  • It is required that you inform your dialysis center at least 6 to 8weeks before departure so that they can get prepared for it.
  • If you are not been facilitated by your dialysis center Karachi than you need to look for dialysis centers at the location, you are going to visit.
  • If you are visiting any family member or friend than they would be able to tell you the exact name and address of the dialysis center near your destination. Else, there are travel coordinators in the hospitals that are ready to assist you in this regard.
  • Make sure you alert the hospital about how many days you are going to spent out there. This is important because any hospital won’t assist you more than 30 days of outside trip. You will have to re-admission yourself in the hospital after your trip.
  • There are foreign policies that give you medical insurance when you are flying with them. But such policies don’t include treatments like dialysis so there you need to contact your specialist.
  • It can be costly as well when going through transient dialysis in any foreign country than your dialysis in Karachi.
  • Any center providing you with safe transient dialysis will require this information:
  • Your dates, when you want to have dialysis treatment.
  • Name, address, medical history, recent chest X-ray, lab results, your general health info as well as your dialysis type and requirements, list of prescribed medicines, details of your health insurance (if having one), the location where you are currently staying.
  • Note: It is of high importance that you provide your dialysis center with the correct information or else you will suffer from deadly consequences. Any sort of missing information must be provided to the doctor accurately.

These healthcare tips will help you better plan for your trip and hereafter. But do prepare for plan B and C as well because any sort of mishap can cause severe consequences.


People often assume that it isn’t possible for a dialysis patient to travel domestic or abroad. But the fact is, they can travel too by just planning for the trip with the help of their doctor. CKGH serves you with some important tips and tricks to follow while travelling for a patient having dialysis in Karachi.

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