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About Us

The vision of CKGH is to create a society which is aware of different kind of diseases and its impact in their health. We provide equal treatment and medical aid to every individual who is coming to us. Victim of kidney diseases are mostly the people who are surviving in poverty or living in the equal circumstances that is above poverty level but still can afford treatment. Kidney treatment is long and expensive so for making this cheaper in a reasonable cost CKGH provides dialysis units for all the patients. CKGH is providing state of the art dialysis units with the indoor and medicine and surgery services. A 24 hours emergency cover is available to facilitate the patients. Not only dialysis we are also providing hemodialysis. Other than dialysis we are having facilities and treatment in the field such as nephrology, urology, vascular surgery, breast surgery, general surgery, ultrasound, echo, x-rays, lab services and outpatient consultancy.

Our professional doctors

Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure affordable access to healthcare services