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Choosing Your Favorite Destination

An international dialysis nurse, Barbara Wallace, suggests choosing a country that has the best healthcare facilities in town. Healthcare matching your dialysis center’s facilities is even better or having high quality healthcare standards. This will relax your mind in terms of transient dialysis. So, if you are not taking equipment’s with you to do your […]

International Dialysis Treatment

Many people don’t get to see the alley of the country that dialysis patient see, the medical pathway. It is on you to make sure that the clinic you are contacting with for your dialysis must serve you the best dialysis center facilities. Innovative and advanced machineries must be present there to give the care, […]

Foreign Travel Tips For Dialysis Patients

Keeping your inner health better is a first thing to do. Travelling is one of the ways you can boost up your well-being to a greater extent. It can completely alter your lifestyle and recovery. A patient with kidney related disorder can also travel but with a consent of their doctor. Many dialysis patients are […]

How Does My Weight Affect My Risk for Kidney Disease?

Less is More When You Heart Your KidneysIf you’re carrying some extra pounds, it may be time to slim down to show your kidneys some love. Maintaining a healthy weight is important for your overall health – including your kidneys. Being overweight or obese may increase the risk for kidney disease in several different ways.  The […]

5 Foods to Limit or Avoid if You’re on Dialysis

Here are 5 foods to limit if you’re on dialysis: Foods with phosphate additives Foods such as deli meats, baked goods and soda contain phosphate additives. Phosphates are often used as a preservative in processed foods to extend the shelf life. Make sure to read the nutrition label carefully and look for anything that has “phos” […]